Are You Exposing Your Family or Employees to Radon?

Are You Exposing Your Family or Employees to Radon?

Find radon testing services in Milwaukie, OR

Radon is a dangerous, naturally occurring radioactive gas. Long-term exposure to elevated levels of radon can cause lung cancer in humans. That’s why it’s important to get your home tested for radon at least once every two years. Sigman Home Inspection LLC offers comprehensive home inspections and testing services, including radon testing.

We’ve received the International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants Certification (IAC2) that was approved by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST-NRPP). You can count on us to diagnose elevated radon levels in your home or office in Milwaukie, OR.

How does radon get into a structure?

When the uranium in water, rocks and soil breaks down, radon is released. It can enter your home or place of business through:

  • Fireplaces and furnaces
  • Cracks in foundation walls and floors
  • Gaps in flooring
  • Spaces around pipes entering the foundation
  • Exterior air vents
  • Construction joints

To learn more about the dangers of radon in your home, get in touch with Sigman Home Inspection in Milwaukie, OR right away. Radon testing is a simple process that takes about 48 hours.

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